Troop 25’s Wish List

Troop 25’s Wish List   

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As we continue to grow in size, so does our need to add more equipment and replace old worn out equipment. Here is an equipment list that we are looking for help with. We appreciate any donations of items. Please contact Mr. Chace or Mr. Smith



Smaller items:   

(Some of these you might even have an extra of around the house)
(4)       can openers
(4)       pairs oven mitts (such as Ovegloves)
(4)       vegetable peeler
(2)       pizza cutter
(4)       nylon or plastic spatula
(8)       wooden spoons
(4)       long grilling tongs
(4)       3-5 piece kitchen knife sets – with sheaths/blade guards
(6)       18 quart dish pans
(2)       pair heavy duty grilling gloves
(4)       pair leather work gloves
(Any amount) Wash rags / Dish Towels



Larger items: Ordered by priority

(1)       First Aid Kit Supplies
(2)       Small First Aid Kit (to bring on hikes, canoe trips, bike rides, etc)
(2)       Propane lantern
(2)       Axe with sheath
(1)      Igloo 5 gallon water dispenser/cooler
(2)       12” Lodge cast iron Dutch oven
(2)       Dutch oven lid lifters and lid stands
(2)       Chimney Charcoal Starter
(3)       MSR WindPro 2 Backpacking stoves
(6)       Rubbermaid Actionpacker Storage Bins (8 or 24 gallon sizes)
(2)       E-Z Up 10ft or 12ft Sierra II Shelter
(1)       Dutch Oven cooking table
(2)       Canoes plus paddles and PFDs
(4-5) Coleman/Eureka 6 person dome tent