Troop 25 Uniforms



The Scout uniform helps to achieve the objectives of Scouting. The uniform by itself can not make a good Scout or a good Troop, but its use has been proven to improve both the Scout and the Troop because it is a visible symbol of Scouting and unity. Each scout is required to have and wear, within a reasonable amount of time after joining the Troop, the following uniform items:



 Troop 25 Field (Class A ) Uniform



SHIRT – BSA long or short sleeve shirt with appropriate insignia; shirt must be fully tucked into the pants.


INSIGNIA – USA flag, World Crest, numerals “25,” Narragansett Council patch, patrol patch (if available), rank patch, Jorney Excellence patch (current year – if applicable), leadership patch  (if applicable), green epaulets.


NECKERCHIEF – Special neckerchief provided by the Troop at achievement of Scout rank, or on initial registration for transfer and new Scouts.


SLIDE FOR NECKERCHIEF – “Pewter” Boy Scout slide, or appropriate hand-made slide; rubber bands, paperclips, or similar slides are not acceptable.

PANTS OR SHORTS – Scout trousers or shorts, worn at the waist; clean, neat pants or shorts are acceptable. ( the preferred color is blue or green ),   Blue jeans or cotton pants are acceptable, Hawaiian print, Military camouflage, plaid, athletic wear (sweat or running pants) , “sagged” pants, and similar items are not acceptable.


BELT – Scout webbed belt and buckle.


SOCKS – Green Scout socks are preferred, but socks appropriate in color to the uniform are permitted.


SASH – Scout sash to display merit badges.


File:Boy Scout right pocket (Boy Scouts of America).png

Activity or “Class B” Uniform


•  Troop 25  T-Shirt (given before Summer Camp).

•  Scout pants or shorts.

•  Boy Scout Socks, for wearing with shorts.


Uniforms and insignia are worn a certain way.  Your SPL or The Troop Leaders and

The Scout Shops will be able to answer any questions you might have on where to put what badge.  Inside the cover of the Handbook there are guides for badge placement.


Vintage Uniforms

Older style Uniforms may be worn within the Troop. However the patches should match the period of the uniform and be appropriate patches for the boys rank, council and postion