Join Scouting!



ADVENTURE! That’s what Scouting is. You are standing at the doorway to the most exciting adventures you can imagine. Step into the world of Scouting, and you’ll find yourself hiking along mountain trails, canoeing across lakes, and camping under the open sky. Smell fresh rain in the woods and fill your mouth with the taste of wild strawberries. Cook your meals over a camping stove. Travel the backcountry without leaving a trace, and live with only what you can carry on your back. Sound inviting? As a Scout, you can do all this and more.



Don’t hesitate to stop by one of our meetings or contact our Scoutmaster !. Generally, our meetings are held every Thursday from September through June. Anyone is welcome to attend a meeting, but keep in mind, most of the fun happens at the monthly campouts!

For more information, email Scoutmaster Mr. (David) Chace using our contact page.